Great UI

I only have one instance of IE open. I have no idea what the 4 volume sliders are for.


Full height CSS layout

The other day I needed to produce a web page which had a full height and width layout. It also needed header, left hand navigation and main content areas.

There would be no guarantee that the navigation or the main content would be taller than the screen so I needed to fix the layout to the height of the browser. I also wanted it to be cross browser compatible and sizeable by the user if it was used as a popup.

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Flash video on OS X 10.6

While watching a YouTube video today my computer started to show the usual Flash symptoms. The system fan sounded like it was taking off and the CPU usage was going through the roof, it also began to heat up to the point where I could not have it on my lap.

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T-SQL Update on a join

Imagine you have two tables and you want to update one table with values from another.

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Google or Bing

So why do I use Google and not Bing?

I want to find the homepage for Beanstalk (Version control with a human face), so I type “beanstalk” into Google and Bing.

  • Google: First result Beanstalk. Just what I wanted.
  • Bing: The site I want is not even on the first page of results. (it’s second from bottom on page 2).


Force Spotlight to re-index drive

For some reason Spotlight was not including some files in its search results. To fix this I wanted to re-index the whole drive, here’s how:

Open and type:

mdutil -E /


AirPort Express (Lookout distress)

Update: Following a recent update iTunes and the AirPort get on a lot better.

It has been a while since I’ve splashed out on any new gadgets, so I convinced myself that what I needed was an AirPort Express to wirelessly stream music to some speakers I have in my living room. Sadly however it was not quite so simple.

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Safari history search

This is just a quick post to shout about a great feature in Safari (and OS X 1.5) that I have just found.

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Windows 7

What would you say the multi touch gesture for Ctrl – Alt – Delete will be?

Perhaps touch each corner of the screen simultaneously making it the multi touch equivalent of a 7-10 split.