Adobe CS4 price strangeness

Today Adobe released details of Creative Suite 4. I own a copy of CS3 Design Standard and will be looking to upgrade at some point.

A quick look at the Adobe online stores for the UK and US caused a slight double take. In the UK the upgrade will cost £417.12 in the US exactly the same thing costs $499.00.

With the current exchange rate (1.85 on the UK version works out at $772.

What gives Adobe!! Guess I will be waiting till I take a holiday in the US before I buy the upgrade.



John Gruber posted his title case script the other day which prompted a request from Dan Benjamin to convert it into Ruby. This is my quick and dirty attempt.

If only I was such a highly skilled regexp ninja as Gruber is!.

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So today I launched a little command line application for compressing CSS files.

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Binary Tree in Ruby

Today I thought I would have a play at implementing a binary tree in ruby and see if I could dig up any things I had not used before.

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Needleman-Wunsch algorithm in Ruby

While at university I had the pleasure of studying bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is all about using the processing power of computers to lean about and infer data from DNA and protein sequences.

For example if you want to find the common parts of a DNA sequence from 500 different sequences and each sequence is 50000 bases long it will take some time to compare them all and you are bound to make some mistakes.

This is where bioinformatics comes in and uses tried and tested computer science principles to make these large tasks easier, more accurate and faster. One example is the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm which is used to score a string of bases against another.

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Java Paint: Part 1

Java includes a load of libraries for creating applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI). One of the first things that a programming student is introduced to when learning about Java GUI development is drawing shapes onto a “canvas”. In this post I am going to talk about Java Swing objects that can help achieve this and begin to flesh out a little program that demonstrates some of the ideas that are covered.

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This is very depressing!

Who will rid me of this turbulent browser?

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Have you been fireballed?

Daring Fireball the excellent blog by John Gruber occasionally brings sites to their knees in a digg-esk manner if he deems them worthy of a link.

From this day on, the effect will be known as being FIREBALLED. (If this has already been done or has an even more witty name its my bad!)

Update: John already uses it, Doh! Oh well back to the drawing board.


BBC iPlayer on the Mac

Recently the BBC have launched the iPlayer. This is a service which allows people to watch TV programs or listen to radio shows from that last 7 days again on their computer as many times as they like. That is unless they have a Mac.

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Mootools and its documentation

So today I was trying to update my homepage and thought I would add some javascript effects using the Mootools library.

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